Welcome to Restaurante Asiana Fontana!

Here at R.A.F. we only serve the best Asian and Italian cuisine with a Filipino twist in the North East England.


For a great dining experience with excellent quality food and reasonable price; R.A.F. is hard to beat.


R.A.F. also offers a take away service for pickup or delivery.

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“Very fresh mixture of Asian and Italian cuisine makes this place the best place to go for a meal, especially if you're not decided what do you fancy. Plenty of options and amazing flexibility based on your preferences makes the restaurant shine in between all others. Definitely recommend!”

— Frank S.

“Fast service — great tasting food for next to nothing — good atmosphere and decor!”

— Tracy B.

Restaurante Asiana Fontana

/ SaRAF Bakery Cafe

12A Ford Terrace, SR4 6LT

Mob: 07379 025609

Email: contact@rafpinoy.co.uk

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